SERDA Therapeutics completes a € 2 Million funding round to develop an innovative enzymatic wound debridement product

Following a successful IND submission, The Dutch health venture SERDA Therapeutics has raised € 2 million in a funding round led by NLC Health Impact Fund. The infusion of new capital will be used to complete Phase I / IIa clinical studies with the company’s innovative wound debridement product SN514.

SERDA Therapeutics is developing a proprietary, best-in-class, fast, and effective product for wound debridement in the treatment of severe burn injuries and chronic ulcers, such as pressure ulcers, open leg, and diabetic foot ulcers.

“Our mission at SERDA is to revolutionize wound debridement and improve the lives of those suffering from such conditions. Our enzymatic debridement technology is being developed to combine exceptional long-term stability with fast removal of damaged tissue, significantly reducing healing time and
discomfort. This approach would not only speed up recovery but also improve the quality of life for patients dealing with chronic conditions and burn injuries,” says Gabor Heltovics, CEO of SERDA.

Globally, millions suffer from chronic and burn wounds, conditions exacerbated by an aging population and an increasing prevalence of diabetes. The traditional methods for managing such wounds, including surgical and enzymatic debridement, are often costly, painful, and/or inefficient.

“SERDA’s innovative approach to wound care has the potential to significantly reduce both the healthcare burden of chronic wounds and the personal impact on patients. We are excited to support SERDA as they move closer to bringing this vital technology to market,” says Jaap Haemers, Investment Manager at NLC.
As SERDA Therapeutics continues to move towards commercialization, the company has initiated a Phase 1 clinical trial to be followed by a Phase IIa study on burn wounds later this year. This trial, supported by the U.S. The Army’s medical research division marks an important step in bringing SERDA’s gentle and effective wound care solutions closer to those who need them most.

About SERDA Therapeutics
SERDA Therapeutics is a leader in developing innovative treatments for severe wound care. With an aging population and increasing diabetes prevalence, effective wound treatment is critical. Traditional debridement methods—surgical, mechanical, and enzymatic—are often painful and inefficient. SERDA’s solution is a hydrogel which offers an enzymatic wound debrider that shows fast speed of debridement, ease of use, high level of stability, and low-moderate irritation potential.

About the NLC Health Impact Fund
The NLC Health Impact Fund is the latest and largest fund of NLC to date, established to drive investments in early-stage innovations in healthcare. The fund will deploy capital towards ventures of varied maturity levels, providing initial and follow-on funding. With the NLC Health Impact Fund, NLC provides investors with the opportunity to access a diversified portfolio of impactful healthtech ventures capturing the high return potential in the early stage. NLC is currently fundraising for the 2nd close of the Health Impact fund.