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SERDA therapeutics is a bio-pharmaceutical company founded in 2020 as a spin-off from one of the leading wound care companies Smith & Nephew and NLC, the European Healthtech Venture Builder. Smith & Nephew granted an exclusive license on its preclinically developed product to SERDA therapeutics. SERDA is developing a proprietary best-in-class fast and effective therapeutic product for wound debridement in treatment of severe burn injuries and chronic ulcers, like pressure ulcer, open leg and diabetic foot.

SERDA submitted the IND with the FDA and expects to start human clinical studies.

In collaboration with the Metis Foundation, SERDA is planning to perform a Phase 1 Clinical Trial Utilizing SN514 for Enzymatic Debridement of Burns, which will be supported by the United States Army Medical Research Acquisition Activity (USAMRAA) under Contract No. W81XWH22C0143.