Stable Enzymatic Rapid Debridement Agent.

While enzymatic debridement has the highest potential of an optimal treatment, the few products currently on the market have their shortcomings and do not meet the needs.

The developmental prescription product of SERDA Therapeutics is expectedd to bring fast and effective wound debridement, ease of use, high stability and low-moderate irritation potential, based on the preclinical data. Both the active ingredient (active enzyme) and the essential hydrogel formulation are patent protected.

Studies show that SN514:
– Works substantially faster than other enzymatic debriders, as demonstrated in multiple preclinical models. This is also related to the hydrogel formulation.
– Broad efficacy spectrum. It degrades a range of proteins usually present in eschar, like collagen and fibrin.
– Easier to use. As a hydrogel it can be directly applied to the wound, also by the patient. There is also no need for an operating theater or lengthy treatment sessions required for other methods.
– Ready-to-use and stable at ambient temperature. The hydrogel can be directly applied to the wound. There is no need to dissolve a powder before application, or medical professionals.
– Potential to also remove biofilms as demonstrated in laboratory studies. Biofilms (bacterial growth) are a major challenge in eschar, also because these are mostly resistant to antibiotics.